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Mobile Office

Powertec’s range of remote communication products enable voice, phone and fax communication in areas where copper wire does not exist.

Creating a temporary or mobile office has never been easier than with Powertec’s range of Fixed Wireless Terminals. Fixed Wireless Terminals operate over the mobile network to allow phone, fax and internet communication at locations such as:

  • Mine and Construction Sites
  • Disaster areas
  • Road side operations
  • Trade shows and exhibitions


    Remote Voice

    Ericsson’s Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWTs) connect to a standard landline telephone via a RJ11 socket. Thanks to the FWT’s Enhanced Rate Speech Codec, call quality is identical to a fixed line telephone call so neither party will be able to recognise that the call is being transmitted over the mobile network.


    • Temporary Telephone Lines
    • Construction Site
    • Lift
    • Emergency Telephone
    • Backup Telephone Lines
    • Payphones
    • Cruise Ship
    • Limousine


    Remote Fax

    Ericsson’s FWTs can be used for fax applications by connecting a fax machine to the unit via the standard RJ11 telephone socket located on the unit.

    To use this feature, the FWT’s SIM card will first need to be activated for faxing by the Mobile Network Carrier, and then the customer will be supplied with a mobile number that supports both voice and a fax communication.

    For more information visit the FaxTerminator website -


    • Construction Sites
    • Emergency Services
    • Mining Sites
    • Offshore Oil Rigs
    • Marine
    • Entertainment – On site locations
    • Temporary Fax Lines
    • Backup Fax


    Remote Internet

    Users can connect a desk top or notebook computer to a Fixed Wireless Terminal for high speed remote internet access via the cellular network.  

    Depending on the model, Ericsson’s range of FWTs will operate over the GSM and 3G mobile phone networks.

    Powertec provides a solution for fast and reliable internet access via Telstra's Next G network. Ericsson's W25 is a voice, fax and data solution offering the latest HSDPA technology to transmit data over the 3G network.


    • PC Internet Access
    • Security Alarm Monitoring
    • Telemetry
    • Vehicle Tracking
    • Fleet Management
    • Wireless EFTPOS
    • Industrial applications
    • Data Logging
    • Backup Data Lines


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